Souk Al Ghadir, Souk for Women

Karbala, Iraq




Built-up Area:

Commercial Buildings

General Directorate of Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein

$1.25 Million

2,700 m2

The Souk Al Ghadir in Karbala is to be designed on  a 900 m² plot, and comprises one ground floor plan and two floors.

The Souk building is flanked by two blank walls. The concept was derived from the location and the size of the plot, it is based on a totally introverted design, with all the animation, articulation and play in volumes takes place internally.
The site of the souk is long and narrow; therefore a linear design was adopted, typical of a traditional souk configuration: one long avenue broken into small public squares, with focal points of interest along the way.

The treatment of the interior facades and the details used are of a traditional vernacular architecture with arches, bridges, and musharrabiyyah type balustrades.