Public Library in Karbala

Karbala, Iraq


Cultural Buildings

General Directorate of Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein

$28 Million

19,250 m2



Built-up Area:

The Public Library is located at the intersection of two main roads in Karbala and shall be a seven storey building (ground + 6 floors) with one Basement floor.

The program includes a large Auditorium for 375 people, and Exhibition Hall, a Training and Language Centre, and three separate library floors: one for children, one for women and one for men. The library shall be equipped with the latest equipment and modern technologies.

The site location was the guiding factor for the  space allocation and functional requirements: in terms of ease of accessibility clear reading of entrances and segregation of men and women.
The plan of the Public Library is reflected in the volumes and the facades: the different functions are expressed in volume as well as on plan. The architectural elements used are all modern, reflecting the new era of technology, rendering this Public Communal Building a true landmark of civic, cultural and educational symbolism.