Mousaitbeh 5046

Beirut, Lebanon




Built-up Area:

Commercial Buildings

Mousaitbeh 5046 sal

$8 Million

6,700 m2

Mousaitbeh 5046 Office building, is a state of the Art High Tech office building situated on the cornice area.

It's a Class A office building that consists of a 6,700 m2 divided in 5 basements of 3250 m2 and 7 upper floors of 3450 m2.

  • 5th to 2nd  basements are used for car parks and building services.
  • 1st basement, the ground floor and the mezzanine are dedicated for a showroom.
  • The other floors are designated for office use where we have the ability to modulated each floor so we can have 1, 2 or 3 offices per floor.


The Building is designed with a very modern look that reflects the inside which is  class A high tech offices.

The building is featured by a certain structural gymnastic where we have a cantilever of about 5 meters where we have a whole volume that stands out of the main skin on 5 floors.