Lobito-Canjala  Road

Benguela, Angola



Republic of Angola - Province of Benguela

$37 Million

25 km

Plot Area:

The road from Lobito to Canjala, with an approximate length of 102 km. It is divided into three stages as follows:

  1. Lobito - Hanha do Norte,  length  32 km
  2. Hanha do Norte - Egipto Praia, length 45 km
  3. Egipto Praia - Canjala, length 25 km


The first section of the road (from Lobito to Hanha Do Norte) will be designed as a dual 2-lane carriageway with earth shoulders and shall have a total width of 20 meters. 

The second and third sections of the road (from Hanha Do Norte to Canjala) will be designed as a single 2-lane carriageway with earth shoulders, and will have a total of 11 meters width. 

The project will be segmented in  3  subsections that will  concurrently in order to optimize the work and reduce the disruption delays.

One of the ways of cooperation between the contractor and the communities, where the roads were worked on, was to do some  rehabilitation and reconstruction work for the needed local sites such as schools, medical centers, or any other necessary improvements under the directions of the Government of the Province Benguela.