Karbala Resort

Karbala, Iraq


Hotels and Resorts

General Directorate of Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein

$150 Million

245,000 m2



Built-up Area:

The resort is set in a lush landscaped environment with abundant green open spaces and water features. The main components of the project are:


  • Housing: villas of one or two floors

  • Hospitality: a hotel of 100 guest rooms and suites

  • Leisure and Recreational spaces: indoor and outdoor sports facilities, Luna parks, kids’ centers, restaurants.

  • Culture and Religion: A Hussayniyya, a shopping mall, souks, exhibition spaces, and administrative and first aid clinic.

The restaurants, the kiosks, the shopping mall and the amusement center are located around a big water pond, which acts as an oasis and it is the main focal point and the main hub of the commercial zone of the project.
The water and the green open spaces enhance the fluidity of the project.