Karbala Resort

Karbala, Iraq


Hotels and Resorts

General Directorate of Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein

$150 Million

245,000 m2



Built-up Area:

The Project Consists of: villas - one floor villas designed as detached bungalows, as well as two-floor villas, Hotel  of approximately 100 rooms and suites, indoors and outdoors sports,  Luna Park, Kids Centre,  Restaurants serving different types of cuisine, Amusement Center, a Hussayniyya, a Shopping Mall, Souks, Exhibition, administration and First Aid clinic.

All the entrances serve the parking lots, and then connect to a network of internal roads providing access to all the buildings on site.
A train track that serves the commercial zone of the resort and winds its way around the Sports Centre, the Restaurants, the Kids, Centre, the Hanging Gardens, the Luna Park and the Souks. Pedestrians are also provided with a large promenade acting as a spine linking the major recreational zones.