Juba Master Plan

Juba, South Sudan



Republic of South Sudan

$2 Billion

39,000,000 m2

Plot Area:

The project area is approximately 39 km2. The proposed master plan consists of the following land uses and areas:

  • Housing:                                5,544,000m2
  • Low Cost Housing:              1,805,000m2
  • Mixed Use Development:   2,991,000m2
  • Governmental Buildings:   1,606,000m2
  • Commercial:                        1, 635,000m2
  • New Downtown:                 1,913,000m2
  • Social Infrastructure:          1,798,000m2
  • Recreation and Leisure:     7,998,000m2
  • Airport:                                  4,000,000m2
  • Port & Industrial:                 4,618,000m2
  • Lake:                                         990,000m2
  • Security Facilities:                   672,500m2

The proposed master plan respected the natural topography of the area and attempted at creating a natural belt of development around the south and west of the existing centre of Juba taking into consideration the advantages of the existing topography and landscape.