Juba Master Plan

Juba, South Sudan



Republic of South Sudan

$2 Billion

39,000,000 m2

Plot Area:

IDEA was commissioned to analyze, assess and study the existing facilities and fabric of the city and propose a complete master plan aiming at guiding and shaping the growth of the city, providing better links to the neighboring African countries and to the rest of the world; finally making Juba a new modern city that will compete with any capital in the world.
Juba is a fast growing city with strategic political and  geographical importance. It is estimated that Juba will more than double its urban population in less than ten years. Juba will experience a steady growth and booming of its economic activity, the pace of changes in this "capital" city is considerably fast.  

The proposed master plan consists of the following land uses:  
Housing, Low Cost Housing, Mixed Use Development, Governmental Buildings, Security Facilities, Industrial.

The master plan attempts at creating a natural belt of development around the south and west of the existing center of Juba taking into consideration the advantages of the existing topography and landscape.