Imam Hussein (s.a.) Rehabilitation Center

Karbala, Iraq




Built-up Area:

Medical Facilities

General Directorate of Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein

$60 Million

32,000 m2

  • The Rehabilitation Centre caters and groups: Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation (Physical and Mental)
  • The Centre caters for Outpatients and Inpatients, Mentally and Physically Disabled patients
  • The Centre includes a variety of facilities geared to provide comfort and help the healing process.
  • A High tech dynamic architectural design is adopted to reflect today's technology and medical progress.
  • The layout allows for extensive natural light into all the project components.
  • The volumes are intercalated with open spaces: "the courtyards".
  • The Outpatient Services include: Mentally  Disabled, Physically Disabled and  Medical Services - Examination / Treatment
  • Administrative Services
  • Social Services: Communal Services, Workshops, Recreational and Exhibition.
  • Indoor Sports
  • Residential: 50 Residential Units